Here at The Sourcing Team, our customers are our main priority, and we are committed to providing top quality service to you. Below you’ll find a few of the many experiences that our customers have had with us.

*Please note: For privacy purposes we do not use actual images of our customers. The testimonials are real comments and emails from actual The Sourcing Team customers.

The program not only identified the great drop ship suppliers I am currently working with, but have helped me focus in particular niches that could be very profitable. Cody, my advisor, has also been helpful in tracking down particular suppliers who offer products I am interested in selling. It would have been extremely difficult to get started on my own, without the expertise and assistance provided.
Martha M. - San Diego, CA

This program has given me easy access to quality drop ship suppliers, who are motivated to work with me. It has allowed me to jump-start ebay selling. In less than 20 hours I listed, sold, and had my first product shipped. This has solidified my research, showing solid support for the niches and products I will build my website around.
Wesley D. - Plantation, FL

I have been given some good advice and leads by the coaches, and I feel that they have helped move my business forward! They want me to succeed almost as much as I want me to succeed.
Cindy W. - Sioux Falls, SD

My Coach has been the best thing that as happened to my business since i signed up, very informative, truly shows that he what's us to succeed, never make you feel that you asking stupid questions, and as always shown me ways of understanding the business of selling through E-Bay and provides great tips, as been the Rock behind all my success.
Roy & Penny D. - Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Without this program and the support, advice and guidance I wouldn't have an online business. The companies dedication to their subscribers is nothing short of amazing. As much time as was needed was spent helping me find just the right product niche and then sourcing an excellent supplier. I will be forever grateful to my Product Niche Consultant . My subscription was one of the best moves I've ever made. Thank-you.
Karen K. - Cedunna, Australia

The best part of the program has been the one-on-one consultations with my PNC. It makes a big difference to be able to talk to a person that has the know how versus taking tutorials or relying on online chat sessions. I feel like being able to talk to someone also speeds up the learning process and it provides a sense of assurance that you are heading in the right direction. I also appreciate that Becky Ann Talpas has called me to check on my progress and offered her assistance to help me get ahead with my business. To me the most valuable aspect of the service provided has been the people, thank you!
Nicole L. - San Ramon, CA

Not only has this given me access to a huge selection of much-needed suppliers able to accomidate my needs as an ebay reseller and retail dropshipper, but has even moreso streamlined my profitablity by connecting me with suppliers well versed in the dropshipping business. Without this, I would never be able to see the success that I have achieved to this date, and will continue to see in the future in even greater amount.
Micah W. - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

This program has eliminated the time that I would have spent researching reputable dropship companies. Because of your support, both on the phone and through emails, my questions have been answered very quickly and allowed me to begin to grow my own business faster than I ever would have thought possible! Thanks again for showing interest in "me" and showing me the ropes of how to have succees in an online business!
Brian W. - Pittsburgh, PA

It made me believe that I can run a business with the dropshipping & Ebay selling. The coaches have been super supportive & offering positive feedback. I feel very comfortable calling them or emailing them when I have questions. I only wish I would have begun this program so much sooner.
Debra T. - White Bear Lake, MN

They have always been informative and helpful. Shared great tips and tools on how to grow our business. I love that we get emails to check up on how we are doing and to see if we have any questions. It shows they actually care about you and your business. It isn't a waste of money to spend the money for this program because they out of all of the companies we have dealt with have helped us the most! One of the best things that offered is the top selling Ebay reports! It is always accurate and a great tool to use! They have very educational tips in their learning categories as well! Thank you for being a great company! Finally we have invested in a company that was more then worth the money!!!
Janelle D. - Ballston Lake, NY