Become an eBay Seller

eBay is currently the world's largest auction and shopping website online, where millions of products are sold daily. Here at The Sourcing Team, we provide you with the tools and experience needed to help you effectively sell on eBay and take a cut of the millions of dollars being earned in profit there.

We give you access to our eBay Sales Reports on a weekly basis, which list products that are currently selling on eBay for a profit. These reports are constantly researched, updated, and prepared for you. The products we list here come directly from suppliers that are listed in our directory, and a link is included under each one that takes you directly to the supplier's website so you can easily access them. Not only will you know what the wholesale price of the item is through the supplier, but you will also know what it sells for on eBay and how profitable it is.

Here are some examples of products that you may find on an eBay Sales Report:

iONE Wireless Keyboard - Wholesale Product
Forest Fantasy Fountain - Wholesale Product