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We help you sell great products
by finding the right suppliers for you!

Build Your Online Business with The Sourcing Team

The Sourcing Team provides you with the tools you need to successfully build your online business. Along with our many tools and dropship services, you can gain access to thousands of wholesalers, dropshippers, liquidators, and manufacturers through our extensive directory. As a The Sourcing Team member, you'll also receive eBay reports each week that highlight which products are currently selling on eBay for a profit. Additional help is available through our Product Niche Consultants - experts who can give you guidance to find the best niche and the products within that niche, to get your business off the ground. Take advantage of our expertise, and master the art of dropshipping. We are here to help you.

Our Top Products and Services:

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  • Extensive Directory of Over 3,000 Suppliers
  • Dropshippers Located Worldwide
  • No Middlemen - More Profit for You
  • Detailed Supplier Information
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  • We Find the Suppliers For You
  • Over 6 Million Dropship Products
  • Ability to Search by Brands or Products
  • Weekly eBay Sales Reports
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  • Product / Niche Research Tool
  • Live Customer Support
  • Video Tutorials Library
  • Superior Dropship Education

We Make Dropshipping Easy

With The Sourcing Team, you have access to a team of experts on a daily basis. If you can't find what you're looking for in our vast directory, they will do additional research on their end to find suppliers for you.

For over 80% of online sellers, establishing a relationship with a supplier is the biggest stumbling block they encounter in building their online business. That is why we are here - to handle this tedious task for you. Hand it over to the specialists on our research team and spend your time focusing on promoting your business and actually marketing and selling your products - not on trying to find suppliers.

We offer different package options, which give you full access to our extensive dropship directory, weekly eBay Sales Reports, product niche consulting, and even a research request feature, which allows you to submit product requests to your team of specialists to find dropshippers for you that supply those products.

What Makes Our Directory The Best?

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and help you effectively build your online business by providing you with what you need. The benefits of working with us show in our foundation of value, quality, and price. We have spent several years creating and expanding our database by researching many different suppliers, going to yearly trade shows, and building relationships with many of the top wholesale and dropship companies out there. On top of all that, we meticulously go through our directory each year, which entails calling every single supplier again and updating all of their information, products, and brands in our system. We also re-evaluate every supplier to confirm their quality, and decide whether or not to keep them in our directory. This takes us some time, but this is part of our commitment to you, the customer, to make sure you have access to the best and most current information available.